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Allez allez, get on your bikes folks! Matakana offers some great cycle rides suitable to pretty much all ages. And what a great way to cruise through farmland and bush beside the seaside than being on your bike.

One of my fav is the Matakana cycle path which is also my little pooch Ted’s preferred one. Oui oui you can take your dog along this one so everyone is getting the exercise! Park at Matakana Wharf Street reserve, then pass Plume Café and go over the Cycling bridge and voila, you are off on your tour! The 7 km path is really lovely with its country views and goes from Matakana to Omaha with an optional detour to Point Wells if your legs want more exercise. Just watch out for the steep bit east of Takatu Road on the gravel – I walk that section. Otherwise the rest is pretty easy.

La crème de la crème is probably the trails at Tahwaranui Regional Park. It is also an amazing way to explore this incredible sanctuary. If you go back to my last blog, I also talk about it for the great walks. This would probably be more intermediate as it is a bit steep in parts with most of the riding along ridgelines but with amazing views.

There are of course more rides in the Matakana area, but I just wanted to highlight these two. You can find more on Matakanabicyclehire and if you decide to stay for a night or more, I would be very happy to host you here at Beauregard Cottages.

Au revoir.


Winter should not be a time to rest on our laurels… Allez, allez, put on your walking shoes! Matakana region offers a multitude of beautiful walks suitable for pretty much everyone including your beloved canine companion. This would go for pages if I told you about all of the walks, but I will keep it short and tell you about my favourite ones.

My most common and easy stroll is along Omaha Beach. It is a sandspit with a stunning 4 km flat beach with a different mood ruled by the sea. J’adore and so does Ted, my little pooch. He can wander freely during wintertime with no time restrictions. It is also a lovely family walk and easy for kids. If you have a pram or do not like walking in the sand, there is always the option of walking on the pathway which is behind the beach at the southern end of the Surf Club. Easy to park at the Surf Club and you can either walk North or South from there – and back for a coffee at the end.

Ted watching the sunrise at Omaha Beach

On my list, I also have the Donkey Park – Highfield Garden Reserve – Located between Snells Beach and Algies Bay on Mahurangi East Road. As you walk into the reserve, you will be greeted by the “Hee-Haw” of the donkeys. And don’t be afraid as you can walk around their enclosures. It is a great attraction for the kids as well as the walk. This park is dog friendly; Ted loves to explore around there. Superb 50 minutes walk up and down with amazing lookouts over Snells Beach and towards Scandrett regional park.

Another spectacular by the sea walk is the Ti Point Coastal Walkway. It is an easy walk which takes less than 2 hours return. Your pooch is also welcome but has to stay on the leash. The trees along the walk are just magnificent and the outlook at the end of the walk is to die for with a view back over Omaha. This is an out & back walk on the same path. If you are lucky, you might even spot some dolphins like we did the other day!

This next one is also one of my favourites but a little different as it requires a trail ticket to get in. It is the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in Snells beach. This is a great outing for the family or anyone and is open every day (make sure you check the opening time). I love this one because it makes me feel peaceful inside when sauntering through the native bush contemplating the astonishing eclectic artwork. Even Ted seems très chilled in this setting. Oui oui that is true, dogs are also allowed.

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail with Ted

And now la crème de la crème for me is Tawharanui Regional Park. It is a vast open sanctuary and marine reserve with a selection of coastal walks and beautiful white sanded beaches. My fav is the Ecology trail, a lovely and peaceful walk through the native bush accompanied by the different native birds’ natural orchestra. My husband prefers the hill passed the lagoon and the longer circuit out to the point, but there are a lot of choices. On some of the other walks you can easily be tête a tête with the sheep or cows, it’s a working farm run by DOC. If you are lucky, you can also spot bigger native birds like Takahe. With all these natural wonders around the park, you can understand that dogs are not welcome – this is not Ted’s favourite as he has to stay at home!

Voila! So when you are all packed up to come and visit our region, don’t forget to book your accommodation Beauregard Cottages in Matakana. I will be delighted to see you and give you more tips on my favourite promenades around here.

A bientot


What I love the most about our village is the Matakana Farmers' Market. It gives me a taste of my native country France, not only because of the fresh local produces you can find but also because of the ambiance and how it makes you feel.

Local growers/farmers and artisans offer an amazing range of fresh produce to satisfy your breakfast desires or purchase ahead for your Sunday lunch or dinner. The atmosphere is so relaxed accompanied with live music and you can sit along the picturesque Matakana river to sip your coffee or savour a croque-monsieur (miam, tres bon!) or anything else that would tantalize your taste buds.

So when do you need to be around to experience this? The Matakana Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning from 8am till 1pm. You can wander up with your shopping bags any time then and let your senses get carried away by the foodie heaven at every stall. Personally, I like to go early and spend time tasting a bit of this and a bit of that and also connect with people.

Dogs are allowed, oui oui you have read correctly! They have a dog minder stall which is the cutest thing. Ted (my little dog) always makes it to the market which he adores. I have to say this is an attraction on its own.

In Matakana, we do our best to protect the environment so as you can imagine the Farmers' Market is Zero-waste. Mostly any food ordered will be served in compostable plates or cups.

A few tips, most of the stalls take eftpos so it is handy to have some cash on you as there is only one ATM machine in the village. Also you can park in the big community carpark which is just by the primary school and just walk to the market. Of course if you do not want to walk for 5 minutes there is also a closer carpark to the market.

Now that it's winter get your woollies out and come to our lovely Matakana area where the Farmers' Market is awaiting you.

If you decide to visit the Matakana Farmers' Market why not stay at Beauregard Cottages. I would love to be your host and share my favourite market stalls with you. If you come in the next two weeks, you might be lucky is see and enjoy the last of the autumn colours.

A bientot,


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