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Matakana Farmers' Market in Winter, je t'aime encore!

What I love the most about our village is the Matakana Farmers' Market. It gives me a taste of my native country France, not only because of the fresh local produces you can find but also because of the ambiance and how it makes you feel.

Local growers/farmers and artisans offer an amazing range of fresh produce to satisfy your breakfast desires or purchase ahead for your Sunday lunch or dinner. The atmosphere is so relaxed accompanied with live music and you can sit along the picturesque Matakana river to sip your coffee or savour a croque-monsieur (miam, tres bon!) or anything else that would tantalize your taste buds.

So when do you need to be around to experience this? The Matakana Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning from 8am till 1pm. You can wander up with your shopping bags any time then and let your senses get carried away by the foodie heaven at every stall. Personally, I like to go early and spend time tasting a bit of this and a bit of that and also connect with people.

Dogs are allowed, oui oui you have read correctly! They have a dog minder stall which is the cutest thing. Ted (my little dog) always makes it to the market which he adores. I have to say this is an attraction on its own.

In Matakana, we do our best to protect the environment so as you can imagine the Farmers' Market is Zero-waste. Mostly any food ordered will be served in compostable plates or cups.

A few tips, most of the stalls take eftpos so it is handy to have some cash on you as there is only one ATM machine in the village. Also you can park in the big community carpark which is just by the primary school and just walk to the market. Of course if you do not want to walk for 5 minutes there is also a closer carpark to the market.

Now that it's winter get your woollies out and come to our lovely Matakana area where the Farmers' Market is awaiting you.

If you decide to visit the Matakana Farmers' Market why not stay at Beauregard Cottages. I would love to be your host and share my favourite market stalls with you. If you come in the next two weeks, you might be lucky is see and enjoy the last of the autumn colours.

A bientot,



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