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Le Tour de Matakana

Allez allez, get on your bikes folks! Matakana offers some great cycle rides suitable to pretty much all ages. And what a great way to cruise through farmland and bush beside the seaside than being on your bike.

One of my fav is the Matakana cycle path which is also my little pooch Ted’s preferred one. Oui oui you can take your dog along this one so everyone is getting the exercise! Park at Matakana Wharf Street reserve, then pass Plume Café and go over the Cycling bridge and voila, you are off on your tour! The 7 km path is really lovely with its country views and goes from Matakana to Omaha with an optional detour to Point Wells if your legs want more exercise. Just watch out for the steep bit east of Takatu Road on the gravel – I walk that section. Otherwise the rest is pretty easy.

La crème de la crème is probably the trails at Tahwaranui Regional Park. It is also an amazing way to explore this incredible sanctuary. If you go back to my last blog, I also talk about it for the great walks. This would probably be more intermediate as it is a bit steep in parts with most of the riding along ridgelines but with amazing views.

There are of course more rides in the Matakana area, but I just wanted to highlight these two. You can find more on Matakanabicyclehire and if you decide to stay for a night or more, I would be very happy to host you here at Beauregard Cottages.

Au revoir.



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